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I am so excited! This is not garden related which is pretty weird for me. But, a friend gave me an awesome opportunity to try a pre-release bottle of a new product. They know I am into everything natural, and they are trying to make natural supplements. I couldn’t wait to share this with you! I did a lot of research before I decided to try these supplements. You can never be too careful with what you put into your body. So the first thing I checked was the ingredients. I was happy to see that there are no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients. That was an awesome start. You might be surprised how many “natural” supplements have bad things in them. A few examples: magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide.

You will also be glad to know that these supplements are also made in the USA. At an FDA inspected facility, that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). At that point, I was completely sold on the quality and naturalness of their products. And everything I looked up about Green Coffee Bean seemed positive though, like many things, it does not work for everyone.

For me, it did suppress my appetite. I noticed myself eating less from the first day. I was getting full sooner and though I was having the exact same things for lunch and dinner, I just wasn’t eating them all. It was weird leaving food on my plate. This made me start to lose weight when I wasn’t even trying. After doing this for about a week and losing 2.3 pounds, I got really excited. I was getting pumped about losing weight! I hope they work for you too because this is a great thing. Losing weight is a difficult road and I think we need all the help we can get.

Once I started seeing results, I started making small changes and seeing even better results. An example is going up and down the stairs a couple more times a day, or swapping the peanut butter in my afternoon snack to whole almonds. You can stick to the little changes easier, especially if you just add a few here and there. I was afraid though that the supplement would quit being as effective but they haven’t yet and now I am on my second bottle. I thought that maybe it was the placebo effect and that once it became routine I would quit paying attention. I worried that my paying attention had been what had made me more conscious of what I was eating in the first place. I am quite pleased to say though, that it did not happen that way at all. I still feel full longer and sooner with the green coffee bean. The best way to lose weight is to eat healthy, get out in the sunshine a little bit (don’t overdo it!), and to use natures bounty to help. I cannot wait to see what other products these guys come out with. This has helped me to lose weight naturally and given me more energy.

Green Coffee Bean is antioxidants and chlorogenic acids that help our body function better. Sort of the way eating your vegetables makes you function better than eating fast food. I recommend you try this supplement, even if only for the natural energy boost. We all need more energy, right? They did give me a free bottle to try but these opinions are my own.


Glad to be back


Posted by Aimee | Posted in Site Information | Posted on 12-02-2014

After a very long break I am very glad to be back. I will try to start posting more consistently and especially as has been requested, to start giving recommendations for some of the products I use myself to garden in Texas. I now get the unique chance to garden in both South Houston, Texas and in the Middle of Missouri. Each location has its own unique challenges and I will try to address both here.

One of my parents was not doing well at all and I was doing my very best to help out. On the plus side, they are doing better and I have gotten to do a lot more gardening. I have transplants waiting to go out and I just cannot wait to get my hands into the dirt. I hope to soon do a step by step on how to build an amazing wicking bed. I was unsure of my design at first but a full year of testing has yielded very impressive results. Only time will tell how the design wears though. The wicking beds have made a gorgeous addition to our garden and I very much hope to add two or maybe even three more this year.

They are a little on the expensive side but in 9 months of vegetable producing, I only watered the beds 4 times and I think it could have been skipped one of those times but someone watered the bed for me while I was out of town for a few days and I am counting that too, just in case. There was of course rain in-between waterings but much of this design is made with water collection/efficiency in mind.

That is all for now, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am so sorry for the almost two year break and I cannot emphasize how amazing you guys are who have been checking on me and still checking the site for updates. Wow! You guys are so awesome and so patient. Thank you and I am sorry for not updating more. I will try really hard to not let you down again but as you all know, life happens.