Don’t Let Your Yard Look Like Ragnaros’ Lair


Posted by Aimee | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-08-2011

It is good to be back ladies and gentlemen. I love gardening and overcoming its challenges for the sweet, sweet rewards it has to offer. So, for those of you who are WoWers you know that Firelands is in full swing and here in South Houston it looks like we took it a little too literally. There is still a lot we can do though to keep things nice and green that aren’t quite crispy yet.

Though I am against unnecessary turf watering many of us live in areas with HOA’s that insist we keep our yards looking nice and shiny. It also has been somewhat necessary with many of us not seeing a single drop of rain for over a month with daily temperatures in the hundreds. Good thing I like the heat. To conserve water there are a few things you can do to help, when you cook pasta (not too much salt added) or veggies in water drain that water into a bowl let it cool to room temperature and then share it with your thirsty friends outside, the additional nutrients will make them even more happy and then the water doesn’t go to waste! That is a win-win situation in my book. Another good option is if you have to water your yard, let the kids run around in the sprinkler for a bit to get double use out of the water. Just make sure to use sun block!

Though really the subject I wanted to talk about is here soon temperatures will be winding down and September will be rolling in and mid September through the end of October is a wonderful time to pull out the MicroLife and feed your lawn. A spreader is really helpful for this but if you do not have one you can make one by punching a few small, pencil sized holes in a paper plate and shaking it lightly as you walk along (make sure not to put too much fertilizer on at once though or your plate will break)

After you have fertilized, water the yard well or time it before a rain so that it gets settles into place well and your lawn will undoubtedly green back up in no time and send Ragnaros and his fiery minions packing.

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